Oba Mantı Makarna

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Türkiye /Gaziantep /Şehitkamil
Kısa Bilgi Bu Toprakların Ürünü OBA MAKARNA / %100 YERLİ MALI

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Hakkımızda & İletişim

Google Translate ile çevirisine bak Google Translate Dear Sir/Madam ,

We are contacting you from Turkey and would like to get in connection with your company to negotiate possibility of having business partnership regarding to pasta and semolina.

Our company, OBA Group is the biggest pasta manufacturer of Turkey in terms of 1.800 tons wheat crushing per day and 1.500 tons/day pasta production with the latest Italian technology above world standards. OBA Makarna offers 40 different types of %12,5 protein products to its consumers by using the 100% hard durum wheat grown in the fertile lands of Southeastern Anatolia Region. Also, we supply enriched pasta, whole meal and whole wheat pasta depending our clients’ requirement.

Our facility promises the same quality for each product in every country with samples taken from the production batch, analyzes, product traceability and under the certificates of BRC, ISO, Kosher, Halal. In terms of pasta production, being the 1st in Turkey and 2nd in the World, we achieve 13.000 containers export in a year.
Thanks to our high volume of purchasing raw material, we guarantee competitive offers standing by our quality at all time in a year.

We kindly send you the OBA company profile and our company movie from the link of;


We will be extremely grateful for the opportunity that you give us to express our innovative and competitive working conditions because supplying requirements (quality, quantity and delivery) of our clients is initial policy of our company.
I would like to know your specific needs so that we can tailor these accordingly and help you get best support or you can get connected with me through my contact information mentioned below.

Sincerely Yours

On behalf of the OBA Group

Şirket Bilgileri

Oba Makarnacılık San. ve Tic. A.Ş.

Genel Merkez
4.Org.San.Böl. 83422 Nolu Cad. No:1
Şehitkamil / Gaziantep /
Telefon: 342 323 46 00
Faks: 342 323 46 10

Genel Merkez Gaziantep / Türkiye
Şirket Tipi Özel Şirket
Şirket Büyüklük 501-1000
Website http://www.obamakarna.com.tr/
İş Türü İhracatçı, Üretici